Millstream Creations

Is your website responsive? All websites created by Millstream Creations are not only viewable on all devices which include Smartphones, Tablets and PCs, they are optimized for each platform. NO pinching and zooming to read website content. Your website will easily accommodate and navigate every size screen and each device. Don’t be left behind with a website that is only viewable on a desktop!

Can you update your website quickly or do you submit changes to a webmaster? Are your updates FREE? Our clients are amazed when they make website updates on their own, freeing them of high change fees and costly delays implemented by most web designers. Millstream Creations uses a Content Management System which offers ample benefits to clients who require the flexibility of adding new content like events, pages, announcements or posts to their websites. Experience true ownership and control of your web presence.

Does your website work for you? A website for your portfolio of work, business or organization can offer so much to prospective and current clients. It should:

• Be a portal for your customers to contact you, register and pay for events or services.

• Offer up-to-date information about events and feature a sophisticated calendar.

• Keep data for clients and help with targeted marketing campaigns.

• Allow online payments for your customers using PayPal, payment gateways or a full shopping cart experience.

• Offer downloadable forms such as PDFs or .txt files, great for registration or printables.

• Be a place where you can create a newsletter and send mailings to a subscriber list which is generated right on your website.

• Forms your customers can submit directly to your email.

• Show photo and video galleries that play perfectly on multiple devices.

• Include links to all social media sites plus provide an RSS feed.

Maintenance Package

  • Update all Plugins. If plugin has security issues or is incompatible, it will be disabled and you will be notified if it changes your site.
  • Textual changes, Image changes or addition of products to eCommerce (up to 45 minutes).  Want a new header picture? Don’t worry about learning how to do all those changes.
  • Clean up comment spam
  • Want a change to a plugin? You decide you don’t like the way something looks or the way something is working?  No problem, just call!
  • Backups in addition to the hosting backups.
  • Monthly analytics report.
  • A monthly checkup to see if you are happy…let’s keep the beautiful website running smoothly.

All for $60 a month